Strategic marketing plans

The value of a formal strategic marketing plan includes not just making the right promotional or product design decisions, it: 

  • Documents assumptions about the market for bench-marking and continuous improvement.
  • Establishes objectives--and the process for meeting those objectives--across the organization. 

These plans can cover a broad scope and include high-level strategy down to finer, more tactical recommendations. 


The art and science of marketing is finding fit with your ideal market. You just have to know where to look, what questions to ask and how to analyze the data. 

With extensive experience performing industry and academic research, I can provide you insight to what drives customers to your organization. Forms of market research include: 

  • Primary Research: Original, proprietary market research that includes surveys, one-on-one interviews, and focus groups. 
  • Secondary Research: Research of external sources including trade publications, social media, corporate earnings, and more. 
  • Data Analysis: Often times, the answers to some of the hardest questions in business are sitting right there--customer data, promotional performance metrics, and more. You just need to have someone make sense of it all. With extensive, rigorous training in statistical methods, I can cut through the clutter and noise to for those critical findings that will help drive results. 


Applying behavioral science to your presentation and processes

Incentives are powerful things. And even small changes to process and presentation can have a huge impact on human response. I can incorporate the latest in behavioral research to your internal processes or you external presentation. 

technical writing

I have the experience in writing on highly technical subjects that optimize accuracy and readability covering topics that include technology, telecommunications, psychology, marketing, biology, and more. Samples of my academic writing are available online or you can contact me for other samples.